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Wrap up of Transformational Menopause

Hello Everyone!

Monday night, Eve and Suzanne did an amazing job presenting. While I am only 24 and hope I am years away from menopause, there talk still had so much relevance on my own life.

First, Suzanne and Eve talked about how they don’t like the conotations we have in the Western world about aging. It is believed that as we age, we become degenerative and useless to society, and our way past our prime.  In the Eastern culture, as one ages they become a spiritual elder, a person who fosters empowerment, and a person who is respected for their ability to care for themselves, others, and the global community. As we get older, it is a time to get to know ourselves better which only gives us the opportunity to enhance the world around us.

Suzanne and Eve also looked at the symptoms of menopause not as things to hide or take pills to cover up, but as messages from our consciousness and our body. Food cravings could be a way of our body asking us are we really hungry for the sugary doughnut or are we hungry for a different place in out life? Insomnia could be your consciousness asking you what do you need to wake up from? Suzanne and Eve related the symptoms to menopause, but try relating this to any symptom in your life.  Do you get back pain or cramps during you menstrual cycle? What about feeling like an emotional wreck? Do you crave carbs, fats, salts, or sugars? What are you really hungry for? These conversations leads to a deeper relationship with yourself and a greater understanding of your body.

Suzanne and Eve have also created their Transformation Tool Kit which I feel is useful at all stages of one’s life since we are always at stages of transformation. Eve has used journaling as a way to explore who she is and who she was. She uses different exercises like committing to writing three pages a day and write whatever comes to you. If you write I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what to say, over and over again it is a way to work through the thoughts in your head. Journaling is about removing the censor in your head and saying anything you are afraid to say out loud.

Suzanne did a beautiful sharing of energy between the woman who attended. We were able to sending love, compassion, and peace to the other woman. We were both given the position to be giving energy and receiving energy. For Suzanne, taking the time to meditate and focus on giving love to yourself is important as you age.

I took notes during the presentation and something I wrote down pretty much sums up my feelings on the night.  I wrote, “I feel wiser for being in the presence of these amazing woman.”

Thank you Suzanne and Eve for such an amazing evening.



Eve Sicurella and Suzanne McMurray Presenting "Transformational Menopuase" at GCU on 10/17/11

Transformational Menopause Tonight!!!!

Monday, Oct. 17th at 5:30–7:00pm in the Little Theatre

Suzanne and Eve will be the presenters tonight. Below is their experience with their bodies’ journey through this time in their life.

My experience of peri-menopause taught me listening skills. I had no idea how intelligent my body is and now that I have started to listen and heed its sometimes insistent recommendations, I feel more control. I still get hot flashes but I know the triggers. I know what makes them worse and I can control them. This means that I can’t always have that glass of red wine or piece of chocolate so instead I get to experiment and try new things. Different doesn’t mean worse. In fact you may find that change is better.
– Suzanne

Suzanne McMurray is a registered nurse with a variety of experience in oncology, neurology, nursing administration and clinical research. She is a Reiki Master and received her Graduate Certification in Integral Theory from John F. Kennedy University. She is currently pursuing her Master of Arts degree in Holistic Health Studies at Georgian Court University. She lives in Allenwood with her significant other, their three sons, and one-year-old yellow lab, Sophie, who helps “balance out the excessive male hormones” in her home.

My experience of menopause has taught me to trust what I’m experiencing despite what I’m told by others (like the doctors who told me I was too young to be in menopause).  In order to support this new relationship,   I’ve created a “psychic first aide kit” (journaling, meditating, exercise and imagery) which allows me some level of perspective when faced with an emotionally perplexing situation.  No matter how bad it seems, my choices in perception can make it worse or better.
– Eve

Eve Sicurella is a nationally certified massage therapist who has maintained a private practice in Toms River since 1999. Her vast trainings in bodywork and energy therapies have expanded her ability to provide relief of chronic pain patterns in the body. Eve instructed at Garden State Center for Holistic Health Care as well as at Lakewood Community Education Programs. She has facilitated workshops on stress management for the Ocean County Women’s Council of Realtors. Her passion for writing has an outlet through a monthly “Musings” column in the New Jersey Holistic Magazine. Having spent a lifetime as a woman, being post-menopausal since her early 40s, and going back to school in her early 50s, she has great insight into what it means to be a woman in transition.

Hope you all are able to attend tonight!