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National Prevention Month… because Kris Carr says so!

Hello Everyone!!

In my world, Kris Carr is the best kind of inspiration around. For those of you who saw Crazy, Sexy, Cancer, Kris is the woman behind the whole movie. She was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at a very young age. Instead of letting the cancer just take over her body, she took charge of her life, and more importantly her body’s healing. Now Kris Carr is a spreading her message of health, wellness, and prevention with the world. She named November National Prevention Month. I can’t think of anything better to celebrate. Below is an excerpt of a blog post she did on her web site crazysexylife.com.

Hope it inspires you!



Here’s the download that most of us missed: The majority of chronic diseases, including many cancers, are caused by diet, lifestyle choices, and environmental factors. Not just genetics. Actually, poor ole genetics often gets a bad rap. Enter … drumroll … epigenetics! The sexy science that teaches us that our genes are not always our destiny. We can actually have a predispostion for something and still avoid the trigger. And catch this, we can even change our DNA. Um, yeah, we’re that powerful.

What can you do to stack the odds in your favor to hopefully avoid an unwanted medical condition? Remember this very important snugget: Keep you inner eco-system as clean as possible. That’s right, you have rivers and lakes and sky on the inside. When you smoke and shout, eat dead foods and refuse to wean, cry on the inside, junk out on sugary crack, and slather chemicals on and around your body – you’re polluting the pristine environment that is you. If you’re a swamp on the inside, it’s time to cleanse the waters and get them moving again.

Here’s how … Eat LOTS of plants, less animals, real food, nothing fake, move your assets, dial down stress, breeeathe, don’t smoke (it will rob your beauty and your life), build a contemplative practice, love more than you hate, forgive (yourself), pray like you give a damn, take fun seriously, burn your to-do list, say no to other peoples “you-do” lists, dump stuff, make memories, poop, poop, poop, drink your holy green juice, take supplements based on what your blood work suggests ya need, pet your pet, smile like a child, live like it’s the first day of the rest of your life and it’s so delish that you can’t wait for another!


There is only one lasting cure … and it’s prevention. And it’s up to us to set an example, teach our children, and lead the way to health, spiritual wealth, and happiness through personal action. Prevention rocks!

Full Blog Post Here

Prevention Starts in the Kitchen!

Eat Your Veggies, but Kick the Can- We all know vegetables are great for us, but the lining in canned food can leach chemicals like BPA. Farmers’ market-fresh vegetables are a better choice, but if you can’t make it to the market or want something out of season, choose frozen over canned or look for brands that make BPA-free cans.

Eat Smart with Organic Foods – Organic produce is grown without harmful man-made pesticides and herbicides. Visit a farmers’ market for locally grown organic fruits and vegetables, or ask your grocer to stock organic produce. For extra points, look for antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables high in vitamin E, vitamin C and beta-carotene.

Eat Hormone-free Meat and Dairy- When we eat meat and dairy products, we’re also eating the residue of what those animals ate, including pesticides, growth hormones and contaminants. Choose hormone-free beef or dairy to eliminate those traces of hormones that can enter our bodies and contribute to an increased risk of breast cancer.

Catch Some Non-toxic Seafood – In addition to mercury, seafood can also be contaminated with high levels of PCBs and dioxins. Buy farmed fish that are lower on the food chain; for larger fish like salmon and sea bass, buy wild-raised. And limit consumption of fattier fish, like lake trout, or fish that are bottom dwellers, like wild catfish.

Cook Healthier Fish – When you do eat fish, careful preparation and cooking can reduce the amount of PCBs consumed. Fillet fish to remove as much fat as possible. Frying may actually seal some of the toxic chemicals within the remaining fat, so bake it or broil it instead, which will cook off natural fats and cause the accumulated chemicals to drip out.

Grill with Care – Found in cigarette smoke and car exhaust, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are also found in the char of heavily grilled foods. So when grilling, use a slower roast method, go for medium instead of well-done, and scrape off any of the black stuff that results from overcooking.

Include Soy, but Don’t Overdo It – Natural plant-based estrogens in soy may provide healthy benefits in low doses, but may be a risk factor for breast cancer in higher doses.


Don’t Forget to Take Part in all the PINK on Campus Today!!!

Today is Breast Cancer Awareness day at GCU! 

Please be sure to take part in something!

I will be hosting a table on breast cancer prevention. Stop by and learn how we can end breast cancer in the future. 

At 6PM, we will also be hosting a movie screening of CRAZY SEXY CANCER in the Little Theatre. After the movie is over, I hope you are inspired to share your thoughts and feelings on the movie to have a discussion. 



Hello Everyone!!!



This upcoming Tuesday, October 25th will be a very PINK day on campus in honor of breast cancer awareness.

There will be events going on all day long so be sure to take part in something.



My background is in holistic health which is all about preventing disease, treating the whole person (not just the physical body), and using complementary and alternative medicine to aid in healing. Truthfully, when it comes to breast cancer awareness, my passion does not lie in painting the town pink or raising money for the cure. My passion lies in the prevention of breast cancer altogether.  I hope for a day that we will not need to walk, wear pink ribbons, or lose mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters, best friends, and loved ones to this terrible disease.

I hope you all will stop by the table I will be sitting at on Tuesday, October 25th to learn about what you can do to prevent breast cancer. We live in an extremely toxic world and the choices you make today have the power to prevent disease like breast cancer for you and those around you.

I will also be showing Crazy Sexy Cancer in the Little Theatre at 6pm. This movie is shown in some of the holistic health classes and Kris Carr has been seen on all sorts of media including Oprah. Kris Carr, a cancer “thriver,” is an amazing woman who feels more alive by her own cancer diagnosis than she ever was before she found herself sick. She calls her tumors her beauty marks and is quickly becoming a healing guru.


I was lucky enough to turn on the TV this morning to see Kris Carr on the Gayle King Show. She said how while she supports the push for early detection of cancer, she pushes the no cancer/zero detection push. Tuesday night after the movie we will also have a discussion about the movie with all who are willing to share. Crazy Sexy Cancer will be shown on OWN this Sunday for those who can’t make it to Tuesday’s screening.



I promise you this movie will make you laugh, cry, smile, and be amazed at the journey you go on. Most of you will read this and wonder how CRAZY and SEXY go with cancer. Make sure you come to see the movie Tuesday night to find out.