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National Conference to End Factory Farming (Oct. 27-29)

Farm, Food, Animal, The Earth--we are all interdependent of each other (Photo from http://factoryfarmingconference.org/sponsorship.php)

After showing “Forks Over Knives” on GCU campus, it was very timely to receive an email from one of our MA in Holistic Health Alum asking for one or two travel companion to attend National Conference to End Factory Farming (Oct. 27-29) http://factoryfarmingconference.org/index.php sponsored by Animal Sanctuary. GCU vegetarian Society has been offering various opportunities for us to become aware of the potential impact of factory farming on farm animals, human consumers, and our environmental.  GCU Dining service, Chartwells, has been extremely supportive of the initiatives, such as “buy local” and “meatless monday” and continues to expand its menus that attract plant food lovers on campus.  As a higher education institution, GCU continues to show its committment in creating sustainable attitudes, behaviros, and practices through numerous innovative approaches and ideas that cluminate into reality through sustained leadership of Louise Wootton, Professor in Biology.  To name just a few, GCU now have new “sustainability minor” and recently received EPA’s recognition as the most green power user among other schools of Central Atlantic region.  For more information about sustainabiilty at GCU, participate in GCU Sustainability Blog (http://sustain.gcublogs.org/)

This conference aims to end factory farming through attracting diverse professionals and interest groups, such as animal protection, public health professionals, and environmentalist.  Over 30 presenters including Executive Director of Food and Water Watch Wenonah Hauter, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine director of government affairs Elizabeth Kucinich and leading researcher in the field of diet and disease and author of The China Study Dr. T. Colin Campbell.  

Regardless of your food orientation (plant food lover or not), if you would like to be a travel companion for Bea Lavelle, contact her directly at  bealav@aol.com or maybe GCU will have a bus-load of students to attend as an experiencial learning outside the classroom!


Sachiko Komagata, P.T., Ph.D. is an Associate Professor & Chair
Department of Holistic Health & Exercise Science. She teaches many diffferent courses with the holistic health program at the undergraduate and graduate level.