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The Silent Hazards of Electro-Magnetic Pollution

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The following article is from the Energy Medicine class in the Master’s of Holistic Health Studies program. The article contains important information about steps you can make to improve your health every day, even against circumstances you cannot control.

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The Silent Hazards of Electro-Magnetic Pollution: Become aware of what we are exposed to every minute of every day

Because of our advancements in technology, we are  constantly exposed to increasing levels of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

In the beginning, it was just speculation that EMFs were harmful however, during the past several  decades  a growing body of evidence from  the international  scientific community  reveals that man-made EMFs  are having deleterious effects on our health.

Rather than causing direct harm , researchers believe that  exposure to EMFs results in subtle changes to the cellular structure which have a cumulative effect over time.  As the  radio waves  rise and fall  (as cell phones do),  the EMFs disrupt cellular membranes by removing calcium ions.  This results in leakage of enzymes that seriously damage cellular structure.  Examples of  resultant  health  issues that  can be attributed to excessive cell phone use  include  an increase in thyroid cancer as well as  reduction in fertility.

The World Health Organization  recognizes electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a medical condition arising from exposure to electromagnetic pollution.  Frequencies to which we are exposed on a daily basis include:


                • Cell phones  AND Cordless  phones
                • E-book readers  &  MP3 players
                • Laptop computers
                • Computer terminals
                • Wireless internet
                • Cell phone radio towers
                • High Tension Power lines
                • Electrical appliances (microwaves, blankets, TVs, video game equipment)

Our hormonal system also suffers effects from exposure to EMFs.  Because our habits have incorporated technology into every aspect of daily life, many appliances are being kept in the bedroom and are being used overnight.  Exposure to EMFs suppresses nightly melatonin production because the pineal gland, the primary source of the hormone melatonin, is a light sensitive organ and very sensitive to electromagnetic pulses.    It is during sleep the body repairs and heals itself.  When this process is disrupted by unnatural energy sources, the body cannot efficiently replenish itself  which may lead to a suppressed immune system and eventually disease.  The production of melatonin is vital to human growth, overall health, and anticancer protection.  Inadequate melatonin levels have  been linked to breast cancer, prostate cancer, melanoma, ovarian malignancies, and childhood leukemia.  Other hormones being researched for negative effects from EMFs  include testosterone, estrogen, serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline, and cortisol.

Even if one decides not to own a computer, cell phone, or television,  wireless technology is still unavoidable.  WiFi, radar, digital TV, home wiring, power lines, and cell phone radio waves are creating invisible radiation that is flooding our natural environment.  Electrical hypersensitivity’s most common symptoms include sleep disruption, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and muscular pain.  These symptoms can fit into the description of many diseases and disorders being diagnosed every day.  A 2006 study preformed inSweden estimated that fifty percent of the population will be electrically hypersensitive by the year 2017.

In an article by Helke Ferrie (Positive Health,  August 2011),  Ferrie states  in countries without power lines incidents of leukemia are less, that radiation contributes to autism and ADHD, and that  laptops and cell phones increase the chance of cancer by 40%.  (This was confirmed by a study in 2010 by the Swedish government study.)  Further, Ferrie states,  “the immune system…does its job through electrically charged biological substances such as neurotransmitters, hormones, and peptides …that transmit information at the speed of light”.    If the body  is being bombarded by electrical frequencies or radiation altering cellular function, then it is impossible for the immume system to adequately protect us.

According to the BioInitiative Report: A Rationale for Biologically-based Public Exposure Standard for Electromagnetic Fields, studies indicate that long term exposure to EMFs pose increased  risk for  leukemia, brain tumors, breast cancer in both men and women, Alzheimer’s disease, reduced melatonin levels, as well as changes in brain function, nervous system, DNA,  and immunity.   This has led many doctors and researchers to explore and manufacture devices to protect the consumer from the bombardment of EMFs.   While there are many products that  claim to reduce EMFs,  limiting exposure  to  the  EMFs  is also recommended.   Interventions  such as keeping cell phones at a distance from  head , body and out of the bedroom , turning home routers off at  night, and spending time in Nature are extremely helpful  simple interventions .

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From Eve Sicurella and  Spring 2012  Energy Medicine   HH 520 class