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March Madness: GO GREEN for Nutrition Month!

March was Nutrition Month, and for wellness on wheels there was a table set up in the hallway of Jefferies where students were able to pick up fun facts about nutrition and even a stress ball for their upcoming finals. The information ranged from what non-organic fruits were good to eat and what fruits needed to be bought organic for safety from pesticides. there was also information about what healthy snacks people should replace from the unhealthy snacks they ate. Let’s not forget about our contest that went on, the students were challenged to eat healthy meals all month and with those healthy meals they were able to take a photo of the healthy meal itself or them eating it and send the photo to health services. The more photos they took the greater chance they had to win. The grand prize for the contest was a dinner for two at a local restaurant. What a way to end MARCH MADNESS! ever wondered what GMO means? well it means genetically modified organisms. The ten worst foods that are prominently high in GMOs are the following: Corn, Canola, soy, sugar, aspartame, papayas, cotton, dairy, zucchini, and yellow squash. Be sure to ask about the nutrition facts about your meal when going out to eat and make sure you read the back of your labels on foods and drinks.

Did you miss snack attack?! well don’t worry because you are able to do to the same thing at home. During snack attack there was information given about healthy snacks you could eat and there was a table set out in the Gavan Lounge where you were able to come and make your own trail mix. the ingredients included raisins, white and dark Hershey’s mini chocolates, cheerios, trail mix, and more. You are able to make these at home just using healthy little snacks and putting them all together in a little Ziploc bag.

83 ways to love your body and self


83 ways to love your body and self

By: Tanayah Harley

1.Do something you were afraid to do  2.  Read a book 3.  Nourish yourself 4.  Respect yourself 5.  Respect others 6. Take time out for yourself   7. Set aside goals 8. Give back   9. Be compassionate   10. Get more sleep   11. Take yourself on dates   12. Start a journal   13. Take selfies    14. Pamper yourself   15. Have positive vibes   16. Banish negative thoughts   17. Encourage yourself   18. Always appreciate your body   19. Keep your head held high   20. Wear comfortable clothing   21. Speak positively about yourself   22. Leave positive notes around your home   23. Promote love to yourself   24. Always be proud of yourself and what you’ve accomplished   25. Appreciate your body and what it does for you   26. Accept all your body’s flaws   27. Glorify your body’s success   28. Care for your body   29. Don’t compare yourself to others   30. Don’t stress about weight loss   31. Focus on what helps you feel good   32. Find the routine for you and stick to it   33. Always take deep breathes   34. Set aside business and pleasure   35. Take a bubble bath sometimes   36. Get new hobbies   37. Sit and think   38. Explore new places   39. Relax and watch movies   40. Go out to the movies with family or friends   41. Enjoy nature   42. Drink plenty of water   43. Take a walk   44. Take naps   45. Eat chocolate   46. Gaze at the stars   47. Learn to forgive   48. Always look at the glass half full and not half empty   49. Be optimistic   50. Buy fresh flowers every now and then   51. Follow your dreams   52. Believe in yourself   53. Use colorful pens for no reason   54. Smile  55. stretch   56. Call a friend   57. Ask for help   58. Meditate   59. List things you’re grateful for   60. Create something   61. Ask for hugs or give them often   62. Light a candle 63.   Get in tune with nature  64. Eat ice-cream   65. Use lotions and scented soaps that you love   66. Give compliments   67. Listen to music   68. Play a sport   69. Eat ass the food that you love   70. Be silly when you want to   71.  Laugh   72. Stop worrying yourself   73. Trust yourself   74. do something that’s only for you   75. Make sure your health is in order   76. Dance   77. Stand up for yourself   78. Avoid Negative people    79. Dream big   80. Stop Procrastinating 81. Identify your passion 82. Toot your own horn    83. Avoid eating in front of the television.



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Cultural Diverse Dining in Raymond Hall- Nutrition Month

Celebrate Culturally Diverse Dining in Raymond Hall the week of March 26th thru March 30th as part of  National Nutrition Month at GCU. Each day experience a unique food culture while dining!

Monday experience the culture of Greece

Tuesday experience the Caribbean

Wednesday the highlight is Soul Food

Thursday explore the Hispanic tradition

Friday the delights of Arabia