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March Madness: GO GREEN for Nutrition Month!

March was Nutrition Month, and for wellness on wheels there was a table set up in the hallway of Jefferies where students were able to pick up fun facts about nutrition and even a stress ball for their upcoming finals. The information ranged from what non-organic fruits were good to eat and what fruits needed to be bought organic for safety from pesticides. there was also information about what healthy snacks people should replace from the unhealthy snacks they ate. Let’s not forget about our contest that went on, the students were challenged to eat healthy meals all month and with those healthy meals they were able to take a photo of the healthy meal itself or them eating it and send the photo to health services. The more photos they took the greater chance they had to win. The grand prize for the contest was a dinner for two at a local restaurant. What a way to end MARCH MADNESS! ever wondered what GMO means? well it means genetically modified organisms. The ten worst foods that are prominently high in GMOs are the following: Corn, Canola, soy, sugar, aspartame, papayas, cotton, dairy, zucchini, and yellow squash. Be sure to ask about the nutrition facts about your meal when going out to eat and make sure you read the back of your labels on foods and drinks.

Did you miss snack attack?! well don’t worry because you are able to do to the same thing at home. During snack attack there was information given about healthy snacks you could eat and there was a table set out in the Gavan Lounge where you were able to come and make your own trail mix. the ingredients included raisins, white and dark Hershey’s mini chocolates, cheerios, trail mix, and more. You are able to make these at home just using healthy little snacks and putting them all together in a little Ziploc bag.