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Thursday March 29

We will have the wonderful Suzanne and Eve back to do a talk called Transformational Menopause in the Little Theater at 5:30. This talk went so well in the Fall we brought it back for the Spring. No matter where you are in your life stage as a woman, their information is definitely useful for all!

Hope to see you there!!


National Nutrition Month Wrapping up!

Hello Everyone!

We have an exciting week at GCU next week!

Tuesday night we will be having Sarah Lockenmeyer speaker about Eating Green. Sarah is passionate about eating a plant based diet and will share her passion with GCU at 6pm in the North Dining Hall.

Wednesday night at 7pm in the Little Theater will be Eileen Ellis. Eileen is a GCU alum, recently retired from her social work profession and now devoting her full time in spiritual and energy healing with her Native American Traditional wisdom.  She relocated to Florida but she still travel back to serve her friends in NJ and very generous to take her time to meet us at GCU.

Thursday night we will have the wonderful Suzanne and Eve back to do a talk called Transformational Menopause. This talk went so well in the Fall we brought it back for the Spring. No matter where you are in your life stage as a woman, their information is definitely useful for all!

We also have cultural eating in the dining hall thanks for the wonderful idea of Cindy Mattia. See below for more information!

Last, I want to encourage you all to take the last week of March to experiment with the food you are eating. Pick a meal, breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack. Try eating something different each day and paying attention how you feel immediately after you eat and two hours later. Food reacts different with everyone which is why some people feel great on a coffee and muffin for breakfast, while others needs fruit and a yogurt to feel alert.

Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Be well!


Cultural Diverse Dining in Raymond Hall- Nutrition Month

Celebrate Culturally Diverse Dining in Raymond Hall the week of March 26th thru March 30th as part of  National Nutrition Month at GCU. Each day experience a unique food culture while dining!

Monday experience the culture of Greece

Tuesday experience the Caribbean

Wednesday the highlight is Soul Food

Thursday explore the Hispanic tradition

Friday the delights of Arabia

**Events Today**

Hi Everyone!

Just a reminder, we have two great events on campus today.

12PM in the Little Theater“Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” Bring your lunch and enjoy the movie!

5PM in the Casino BallroomWellness Planning 101: A Strategy for Stress Reduction with Eve and Suzanne

Hope to see you there!


National Nutrition Month!

Hello Everyone!

National Nutrition Month is March and we will be celebrating at GCU all month.

We had the nutritional information out in the A&S building before spring break, and we will start our first event tomorrow.

At 12pm in the Little Theater, we will be showing “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.” You are welcome to bring a bagged lunch and eat your lunch while you enjoy the movie.

Check out the trailer…

It is a phenomenal movie that will really change the way your think about food.

Do your struggle with your weight?
Do you or someone you know who struggles with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or other autoimmune diseases?
Do you want to know what juicing is?
Do you want to not be tired all the time?

Then come out and watch “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead,” at 12pm in the Little Theater, Tuesday, March 13th!

Be sure to also check out our relaxation workshop in the Casino Ballroom at 5pm.

Check back at the blog for more events to be posted for National Nutrition Month as well!

Wellness Planning 101: A Strategy for Stress Reduction

Wellness Planning 101: A Strategy for Stress Reduction


Tuesday, March 13th




Casino Ballroom


Free Admission

STRESS… is our bodies’ way of protecting us and getting us ready for whatever we perceive to be a threat. Having an awareness of the physical and mental responses to a stress inducing event will put you in control leaving you focused to manage your life. This experiential workshop will review the causes of stress, the physical and mental responses, as well as management by way of healthy, empowering interventions.

Come out to listen to GCU’s Master’s of Holistic Health student Eve Sicurella and Suzanne McMurray speak and teach ways to cope with stress. This will be more than a lecture with tips and exercises to have you leaving feeling more relaxed.

Eve Sicurella is a nationally certified massage therapist who has maintained a private practice in Toms River since 1999. Her vast trainings in bodywork and energy therapies have expanded her ability to provide relief of chronic pain patterns in the body. Eve instructed at Garden State Center for Holistic Health Care as well as at Lakewood Community Education Programs. She has facilitated workshops on stress management for the Ocean County Women’s Council of Realtors. Her passion for writing has an outlet through a monthly “Musings” column in the New Jersey Holistic Magazine.

Suzanne McMurray is a registered nurse with a variety of experience in oncology, neurology, nursing administration and clinical research. She is a Reiki Master and received her Graduate Certification in Integral Theory from John F. Kennedy University. She is currently pursuing her Master of Arts degree in Holistic Health Studies at Georgian Court University.








Hello Everyone!

We have started gathering wellness practitioners for the GCU Wellness Expo being held Saturday, May 12th. It will be from 11AM to 5:30PM and will have various wellness practitioners and speakers.

It will be free admission to all guest as well.

Please spread the word, especially to any wellness practitioners you use to join us that day. Here is the paperwork for the event.


GCU Wellness Expo Terms and Conditions1

Thank you!

Hope to see you all there!


Please email me at if you have any questions.