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Tuesday – Nourish Your Body in the New Year

Nourish Your Body in the New Year


Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Casino Ballroom

Free Admission


Are you…

Having a bad start to your New Year’s resolutions?

Looking to learn ways to make different choices this year?

Interested in bettering your health?



Come out to listen to Kathryne Ellis speak about ways to improve your health and wellness this year.

Kathryne Ellis MA, CN.  Kathryne Ellis is a certified nutritionist, homeopath, and holistic health practitioner who has been in private practice for over 17 years. She supports health and well-being from a biopsychosocial perspective. In order to support the needs of each person, she looks at a multitude of stressors that may contribute to physical, emotional, or spiritual imbalances. In doing so, she addresses diet, lifestyle, health status, and behaviors, thus addressing both acute and chronic health concerns.


She received her undergraduate degree in Social Work fromMonmouthCollegeand her Master’s fromGeorgianCourtUniversityin Holistic Health Studies. She received her nutritional education and certification from theAmericanHealthScienceUniversityand has diplomas in homeopathy under the tutelage of world renowned homeopath, Dr. Luc DeShepper, as well as from The School of Homeopathy,Devon,UK. She is currently working on her dissertation for her doctorate fromWaldenUniversityin Health and Human Behavior.

Welcome Back GCU!!!!!!!!!!!

 Hey Everyone!!!!!

              I am Simmi Kaur the president of the Holistic Health Club. I would like to wish you all a wonderful new years. I hope this year brings you tons of happiness and wellness. Its spring semester and the Holistic Health Club is up and running.  If you have not yet joined the club and would like to please email me at . I will be happy to add you to the list.

  The Holistic Health Club consists of helping you relax and enjoy life. Our meetings are a lot of fun. They do not consist of sitting around and talking for hours. Last semester we meditated, gave massages and facials during the meeting times. Our goal is to make your environment more stress free and to prompt holistic wellness to your daily lives.

  Just a reminder Kathryn Ellis will be giving a nutrition talk called “Nourish Your Body in the New Year” at 5:30-7:00 in Casino Ballroom. If you have questions about eating healthier this will be a great event to attend. It will give you a chance talk to Kathryn Ellis personally.  Have this be your first step to improving the way you eat. Also, please do not forget May 12 the Wellness Expo in the Casino. Good luck everyone with the spring semester!  I can’t wait to see you all at our meetings!!!




“To go out of your mind at least once a day is tremendously important. By going out of your mind, you come to your senses.”

~ Alan Watts

Eve Sicurelle interviews Acupuncturist Keith Koehler

Hello Everyone!

I am so excited to have Eve Sicurelle back interviewing wonderful practitioners in the area. Eve is a student in the Holistic Health program. She has done past presentations and will be doing presentations in March this coming year. She took time to interview acupuncturist Keith Koehler. Keith have been active in the GCU community for quite a while and I am so excited to share this interview with the blog.

Be sure to take a look at a past blog post Keith did talking about acupuncture.

Thank you Eve and Keith!



After a semester in GCU’s Holistic Health Program (in particular the Anatomy and Physiology) my interest in the subtle manifestation of Qi (life force energy) was piqued.  Over the years I had used acupuncture to quit smoking as well as to manage pain. In the beginning I was a bit phobic about the needles however I soon came to know they were rarely felt during insertion.  Sometimes during a session I’d feel “currents” running along meridians.  More often I’d feel a peaceful sense of relaxation while resting and allowing the needles to do their work.  I’d heard about Certified Acupuncturist Keith Koehler from several of my colleagues who were treating with him and who experienced relief of symptoms brought on by stress and hormone imbalance.   Hormones and stress,… what a combustible mix!


Hormone imbalance (which can occur from our late teens to late 20’s) is a condition that can benefit from acupuncture.  Symptoms of imbalance can manifest as headaches/migraines, dysmenorrhea, neck/low back pain and mood swings.    Dr. Koehler suggested that acupuncture works well to balance the hormone cycle and can provide relief of uncomfortable symptoms.


Stress is another imbalance that can be managed with acupuncture.  Two of the areas that manifest stress most frequently are the head/neck/shoulder area as well as the gut.  We are all familiar with the headache/migraine/“pain in the neck” experiences, but what about the gut?  It is here the parasympathetic nervous system can express imbalance by stools that are too loose or really compacted as well as other digestive related issues.  Dr. K also indicated stress can be exacerbated by outside influences (think of bacteria or viral infections/illness) which can further influence the energetic balance in our bodies.


Some of the outside influences that can bring on imbalance include early sexual activity, poor food choices and poor breathing habits.  Of these, I find the most intriguing to be breathing habits.  There are many factors that can influence the quality and effectiveness of our breath and it is ultimately the breath that can influence the state of our well-being.  Environmental stressors (i.e., smoking, indoor and outdoor pollution) as well as emotion (we tend to hold our breath or breathe shallowly when stressed) can affect the quality and effectiveness of our breath.  This can result in accessory breathing muscles becoming restricted which further inhibit breath quality as well as the fluidity of energetic movement through our bodies.


If imbalance influences our state of well-being, how can we bring ourselves to a balanced state?  Yoga, tai chi, meditation are all well-known for their abilities to minimize stress and increase production of serotonin.  In addition, activities that increase cardiovascular health help to release stress that has accumulated in the body.  Be creative and try different things until you find that which brings you the best results.  As I was processing this information, I had to agree.  I noted that the times I feel the best are the times when my diet is appropriate and there is some activity that makes me sweat daily.


Some insurances do cover acupuncture treatment however, If you’re not sure whether yours does, ask Dr. Koehler.  He will check and let you know.  In the event your coverage does not extend to acupuncture, Dr. Koehler offers a GCU discount.


Some of us are “called” to our vocations by meaningful events in our lives and this was certainly the case for Dr. Koehler who as a young boy watched his father suffer with incapacitating back pain.  It was acupuncture that ultimately provided relief and allowed his dad to once again participate in life in a way he hadn’t in a long time.  It was clear to me that Dr. Koehler has a deep connection with this healing art and is certainly passionate about getting people back on their feet, no matter the cause for the problem.  If you are challenged in fully participating in life because of hormonal or stress related imbalance, acupuncture may be that which helps you to pull it back together.


Keith Koehler, MAOM, C.A. is a certified acupuncturist (NJ). He is also a member of the Advisory Council for the Holistic Health Graduate Program at Georgian Court University. He received his Masters degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the New England School of Acupuncture, the oldest school of Chinese medicine in the United States. Prior to acupuncture, Keith earned a Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education. Through his studies in acupuncture and health education, Keith has developed a passion for advancing his knowledge of the human body and how to maintain an optimal level of health. When he is not in the office, Keith enjoys staying active through surfing, tai chi, and coaching high school wrestling. His goal is to help others enhance their quality of health, through treatment and education. Keith practices acupuncture out of his office, Koehler Acupuncture location on Drum Point Rd. in Brick, NJ. Please call 732-262-0637 if you are interested in setting up an appointment.


Welcome Back!!!

Hello Everyone!!

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to GCU and to the Wellness blog for the spring semester. I hope you are all looking forward to SPRINGING into WELLNESS this semester.

We have a bunch of events planned and it will be topped off with the Wellness Expo May 12th in the Casino. I hope you can take the time this semester to explore your own health, try improving different areas of wellness in your life, as well as reflect on what is working and what is not working in your life.

Today marks 23 days into 2012, what have you done so far to improve yourself? How many have kept their resolutions they made on the first of the year and how many have already been let go of?

I would like to recommend everyone looks at the start of this semester as a restart for this year. If you are supposed to have started an exercise routine, start today. If you are supposed to be eating healthier, start with one day at a time with one meal at a time. If you strive to get better grades than you did in the fall semester, commit to it on the first day of class. The only way to improve for the better is to string together small improvements to create one large one.

May 23rd/24th(graduation days) will quickly appear before us. Let’s make those days times to look back on and see how far we have changed for the better. The better each one of us feels about ourselves, the greater a community we are able to create here at GCU and in the real world.

Good luck to all this semester and I look forward to leading you all on SPRINGING INTO WELLNESS!!



Hydration is Just as Important in Cold Weather

We are constantly reminded in the summer months and early fall to stay hydrated, but it’s easy to forget about hydrating when it’s cold outside.  Because during activity we aren’t feeling hot and sweaty, we may not associate cold weather with dehydration.  Unfortunately, the reality is that you’re still losing moisture, both through sweating (sweat evaporates quickly in cold, dry air) and breathing.  Yes, breathing… when you exhale the air from our lungs, you probably notice it in the form of a small cloud, and that cloud contains moisture from your body.

Small levels of dehydration lead to significant decreases in physical and mental performance.  So, please remember to constantly monitor your level of hydration, and don’t wait until you feel thirsty to drink something because this could be far too late.

The classic rule of thumb is to keep an eye on the color of your urine.  Clear is ideal, less clear not so ideal and dark urine often means you’re dehydrated.

Here are a few tips to stay hydrated throughout the year, regardless of the temperature outside:

  • Drink something soon after waking up (milk, orange juice, water, etc)
  • Drink throughout the day (carry a water bottle to class)
  • Drink or sip on fluids even though you may not be thirsty
  • Avoid energy drinks
  • Limit alcohol consumption
  • Monitor urine color and drink more fluids as needed.

*Information courtesy of the National Center for Drug Free Sport.