Daily Archives: October 6, 2011

Monks Debate and Snow Lion Dance


Thursday night was such a joy with the monks.

First performed was the snow lion dance which we have video of thanks to the wonderful Christine Rochelle (I also have to attribute much of the success of this blog to her as well for being an amazing teacher and help).

Here is the video of the monks debate. This was so much fun to watch, especially if you had spent time with the monks. They were so calm, peaceful, and had a presence you really can’t describe with words. The monks use this debate in the monastery to strengthen their ability to communicate. I spoke with John who said what the monks are debating is not important, most of the time are argue over silly things like saying a white shirt is grey. The debate is used to show us how the monks are compassionate, loving, and expressive and we should use that in our own life. 


The snow lion dance was also performed which was really enjoyable for most of the audience. Sachiko’s young daughter was scared of the large size of the lion, especially his teeth. At the 40 second mark, you can see the lion go right up to Anna. She tried so hard to hide behind her Mom. To show how truly loving and caring the monks are, the monk who was inside the lion costume came right over to Anna after he was out of the costume to tell her he was in the costume. He told her he did nto mean to scare her and that she does not need to be afraid.